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    I want users to be able to easily share my blog posts to social media. I thought that was what the header option “enable/disable social share in header” would do, but nothing changes when I check or uncheck that box. How can I give users links to share my posts? Thank you.

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    We don’t have share option on top header that’s just social link for your website, you can add that by going to Appearance=> Menu after that add custom menu on custom menu add custom link e.g for facebook use this link facebook.com and for twitter use this link twitter.com and save it, after that you can see facebook and twitter icon on top header.

    To share your blog post its easy use this plugin, https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-social-sharing/ if you have any confuse then send us wp-admin login details and website url to our email amplethemes@gmail.com after that we will help you to set all this.

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