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      How do increase page width size? On my computer and other devices, there are lots of side borders that can be used realestate for content on the screen instead of scrolling down.The side bar could be adjust more to the side of the web page too. This template is almost perfect and will buy the pro version if that will make the page width larger.

      Also is there a function in the pro version that can create sliders on each page with feature images, just like the home slider page?

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      hello alee,
      Thank for using the support forum ,if you want to remove sidebar, there is option for removing sidebar on-page , edit that page and on footer of page there is option of no sidebar you can use that option https://prnt.sc/orxoac , if you want to resize a sidebar please mail us at amplethemes@gmail.com, one of our representative help you

Viewing 1 reply thread
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