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      We have three issues we are trying to work with in Medical Hub.

      First is that for Home Page Widgets there is no control to set up the number of columns, as shown in the documentation. As we have an even-number of items we want to put into one section this adversely affects our ability to make the page look good.

      Second is we would like to change the color and style of hyperlinks in pages, however we cannot find any kind of settings for this anywhere in the theme settings.

      Third is that if we have a page where the content does not extend below the bottom of a screen it is being viewed on then the footer rises up to meet the bottom of the content, rather than remaining at the bottom of the viewing window. Is there any way to change this?

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      can you please contact us at amplethemes@gmail.com ? it needs to change code so please contact us or you can upgrade pro version there all option available

Viewing 1 reply thread
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