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    Jaimee Caffell

    Hi there

    Im am trying to build a website for a client, who purchased your theme Ample buisness. On the slider I have put a welcome message but it is displaying the page title as well which seems to be linked to this- dojodigital_toggle_title. I have tried everything to get rid of it and im getting very frustrated. On the actual page when I try and toggle this to off and save it when the page is reloaded it comes back to on. I have tried adding custom css to display none but that hasn’t worked either. How do i turn this off because I don’t want it displaying the page titles on my slider. I have also found this code in the html (<span class=”dojodigital_toggle_title”>Home</span>) which I have put into the php to see if this would get rid of it but it doesn’t. Please fix this problem because it is getting very frustrating.


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    can you give me your sites link ?

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    Jaimee Caffell

    This is the link : http://localhost:8888/ the part I’m talking about is in the slider.

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    Jaimee Caffell

    never mind I found the code that was putting it there- Thanks anyway ­čÖé

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