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    Your free theme ample business freezes functionality in wordpress core and plugins.

    Found in

    () Appearance – Themes: link to details theme in center of a theme screenshot: pushing Details Theme should link to the delete functionality of a theme;

    () Users: after adding userdetails, can not generate password. Button does not work

    But also in arbitrairy plugins like Duplicator
    () can not start generating packages anymore because button does not work anymore .

    When I manage to reactivite a different theme, than all works again as it should.

    So there is a severe problem with this theme here

    Until resolved, recommend not using this theme.

    Tested both wordpress 5.03 and 5.1 and does not work

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    hello , can mail us at amplethemes@gmail.com, our you get dedicated support there.we do not find those error in our testing mode

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